Rest and Recovery

Frank offered to take the group back, feed and house them for the night. Hannah and Rio were still adamant on reaching West Point but the group had very little sleep and there first real meal was over a campfire on the road. In spite of there size and recent additions, the Cavanaugh’s where more than welcoming. It was the first hot mean they all had in a few days giving a sense of normalcy for once.

They could for a few hours forget the nightmare they just ran through. Still, information was sketchy, news was hard to come by and communication had ground to a halt. But a goal had been set and the group agreed to continue on there trek come morning.

By now it had begun to rain the storm growing into loud cracks of thunder and lightning.

The Cavanaugh’s having a large family was more than prepared to house the group, with inflatable, pullout couches and bedrolls. In spite of the storm raging good sleep had been little.

River was curled up asleep before even fully settling in. She had been somewhat drifty during dinner but the feeling of safety let the girl feel like she could really put her guard down. She was out like a light.

Saint was wiped. All the driving and running and fighting. A full belly and the feeling of security let him pass out faster than even he expected.

Rio made sure his nephew was settled, giving a cursory glance to the two women in the group, but the sounds of the rain quickly lulled him to sleep. Tomorrow would see them another day.

Hannah though was still up checking-in on everyone, tucking River and Bobby in. She was exhausted but she just could not settle. Too much was rattling in her blonde brain and worry gnawed at her. She sank into a chair with a long exhale. Sure they had a goal but … what if? So many what if’s? Why couldn’t she just for one night, fall asleep like the rest of them? Not like she had gotten more sleep than the rest of them.

“Can’t sleep?” Devin asked, taking a seat on the sofa near Hannah. Her hair hung damp on her shoulders, one of the last to grab a shower which being tepid at best woke the mechanic up some.

“You would think after days of this crap I would just collapse but … I dunno … I’m hands down exhausted but I’m just waiting for the next disaster to strike. Nice hair by the way.” Hannah said with a wry smile.

Devin chuckled despite herself, tossing the towel from her shoulders over at the blonde. “You want me to see if they have something to take the edge off? Beer? Something stronger?” She offered.

“Oh my gawd I could so use Vodka right now or beer or hell anything. I don’t think I ever have been this stressed out.” Hannah laughed.

Devin rummaged the fridge, not finding any beer, but came up lucky with a “spiked” iced tea. “Beggars can’t be choosers,” she commented, handing the bottle over to her blonde counterpart. “Plenty of time for a new shitstorm tomorrow.”

“I keep telling my self ... hey, could be worse ... I just haven’t gotten past the HOW yet.” She said cracking open the spiked tea. It was awful.

“No, no, you don’t want to go throwing that out to the Universe.” Devin said, lying back down. “Don’t think about how it could be worse. One night. I’m gonna close my eyes and think when I wake up, I’ll be back in the Bronx, my landlord banging on the door demanding rent. When I thought that was a real problem. That’s what I’m gonna dream about.”

“Home. Can’t help see the irony in it. All this time want to get out and see the world and all I want right now is to go home. Still hate the idea of farming.” Hannah said taking another pull of the awful spiked tea. She ambled to spot laying down with a huff. “Maybe tonight the night we finally get a full night’s sleep.”

“Home.” Devin agreed, letting her eyes close, a full night’s sleep sounding near impossible until her head hit the pillow.

Buzzed and relaxed some Hannah tossed and turned some before falling into an uneasy sleep. When it finally game Hannah didn’t dream of a thing.

The thunder and lightning crashed outside and the rain pelted the house covering up the sounds of distant moaning.

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