Here's when the fun starts

Andrew saw the nutcase step out of the elevator door growling. With great effort he picked up a chair and approached the nutcase. At the first growl, he lifted the legs of the chair up and started to push him towards the elevator.

He had the nutcase pressed against the elevator door. He Shouted, "Somebody open the door!" With the ding of the elevator, he shouted, "Hurry!" As the last person scrambled out, he pushed the nutcase into the elevator and waited for the elevator to close.

Putting the chair down, he looked at the manager, "Can you lock the elevator down?"

Hearing Hannah call for a bowl, he hurried to the breakfast table and empty one of the bowls of it's muffins. "Here's a bowl. Can I check to see if he has a radio, so we can call for help?" As he reached for something that looked like a radio hanging on his belt.

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