The Dead Bite Back (Part 4)

Rio had reached the barn, following on Bandit’s heels. “River!” He called again, hoping the girl was all right.

River and Bobby were yelling and screaming trying to pull Jason free. Jason in full panic flailed and screamed A death grip on River. Gemma or what was Gemma grabbed a fist full of the boy’s hair and bit into his face. Red blood sprayed out on River. The screaming reached a fever pitch and River fought to get out Jasons grip.

“What the fuck!” Hannah cried out taken aback as they arrived at the scene too late.

Bandit charged fearlessly, snarling at Gemma, snapped at her, and getting a mouthful of her shirt the border collie shook trying to drag the women down.

It was too late for Jason and as cruel as that sounded Hanna ran to save the one she could trying to jerk River out of Jason's death grip.

Rio grabbed a rake used for mucking the stalls and wedged it between Jason and River, shoving the younger man hard in the chest so River could break free. “Go! “ Rio yelled to the two. “I’m so sorry, “ he told the cocky ball player, the one obsessed with bunny shorts. “I’m so sorry.”

It had come to this. Jason was bit, he’d die regardless, but they still could save the others. “Dios Mio,” he said under his breath, saying a quick prayer for forgiveness.

Rivers sleeve tore but she was free. HAnnah pick th shell shocked girl Jason screaming bloody murder as more zombies formt hebarn dog piled the child. She watched in stunned horror before Rio brought her feet back down to reality. She gave a whisted to call Bandit as she carried River back to the house.

Rio kept hold of the rake as they ran, trying to drown out Jason’s screams.

Frank didn’t follow as Devin out as she half dragged, half helped Saint to Frank’s truck. Having seen the man simply leave the keys in the cupholder, which NEVER would fly in the Bronx, she turned over the engine. “We’ll check you out in a minute,” she soothed Saint, hoping he didn’t have any sort of concussion. “Soon as we get the fuck out of here.”

“Yup yuuuuuuup.” Saint said woozily as Deven and Raf all but shoved him into the truck.

Hannah saw everyone running to the truck and diverted to them. “Wait what's going on?” She blinked. “What happened to Saint?”

Bandit the smartest one in the group leaped up clambering into the truck bed.

“Fuck!” Rio swore, dropping the rake to attend to his nephew. He looked to Devon. “He didn’t…”

“No,” she said quickly, to reassure the man. “Hit his head. No bites, he wasn’t touched.” Rio slid in beside his nephew, grabbing the boy’s jaw and moving his head side-to-side to assess the damage.

Saint blink and pawed at his Uncles face. “I’m fine, i’m fine.” He said blinking. “My own damn fault anyway … when did we get into the car?”

Hannah dumped the kid into the truck bed with the dog and did a quick head count. “Frank and Em? Hannah asked.

Devin shook her head sadly.

“Where's Bobby!” River squeaked.

“He was…”Rio said, sliding back out of the truck and turning back around towards the barn. “Fuck me. If I’m not back in five minutes, if those things come close - you take off.”

Hannah was about to follow when Raf waved her off and followed Rio instead. “I got his back! Just have the car ready to go when we come back.”

Rio picked up the rake from the ground and headed back towards the barn. “Bobby!” He called at the top of his lungs. “Come on out son. Bobby!”

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