The Dead Bite Back (Part 5)

A rustling could be heard from inside the barn. “Bobby?” Rio called again with uncertainty. He inched closer and closer to the doors, unlatching it with the teeth of the rake.

“Rio?” The unmistakable voice of Bobby asked, as he took a step into the light. Rio took a step back. Blood dripped from Bobby’s chin, where he was bitten, leaking to the ground leaving behind a grim trail. More disturbing than that was that half of the boys chest was ripped open, spread to the side like a macabre wing of a butterfly, yet the boy continued to stumble towards him.

“Oh, Pelirrojo…” Rio said, a lump caught in his throat.

“Rio?” The boy repeated, still edging onward. “Help?” But there was nothing Rio could do. From inside the barn, Gemma crawled after him, quickly bringing the boy to his knees. “Help me!” He called again, and again, as the deformed blind girl further ripped him apart. The contents from Rio’s stomach were vomited to the ground, tears flowing from his eyes both from the loss and the severity of the retching. “Go.” He said to Raf, “we can’t help him.”

“Fuck that, you coward!” Raf said, grabbing the rake out of Rio’s hands forcibly. “You fucking cowards!” He chastised. “ALL of you! You don’t leave people to die!” Rio upt a hand on the man’s shoulder as he went to go after Gemma.

“You can’t HELP HIM. Come on, or you’ll --” But Raf was determined. He gut-shotted Rio with the back of the rake, bringing it up to the man’s chin, knocking the older man on his ass. He made one more attempt to grab Raf’s ankle, but released when the youtube star raised the rake end threateningly. Rio released him, raising a hand in supplication as the younger man headed to help Bobby.

Out of the brush limped out Sophie, all but collapsing next to Gemma to join her in the feast. Rio was still catching his breath trying to warn the stupidly brave Raf of a barely recognizable Vida as she blindsided him.

Rio didn’t look back, he raised to his knees then his feet, one hand protectively on his sternum as he made his way back to the car. “Go,” he said, just as the first of Raf’s screams reached his ears. “No one is left.”

Hannah, who had taken the wheel waiting for the rest of these groups returned, set her jaw and just nodded. The farm girl floored it seeing Em, Franke and Jessica burst out of the back door in the rearview mirror.

“Waiiitt! Guys! Bobby! Where is he!” River wailed pounding on the sliding glass window from the truck bed. “We can’t leave him!! Rio! Hannah! Stop!!”

Hannah just gripped the wheel tighter.

“I’m sorry, Mija,” Rio said shaking his head. He turned his head towards the window, closing his eyes so tears wouldn’t escape down his cheeks.

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