Rest Stop Part 1

Puke aside, Devin’s shoulders relaxed when she got back in the car. Even though there was more room - a fact she didn’t much want to think about, she held River on her lap, mindlessly rubbing the young girl’s back in an attempt to comfort the poor kid. It was quite - eerie quiet, with the five passengers seemingly lost in their own world. The sound of the blinker as Hannah took the exit proclaiming “West Point” was practically the only sound, next to Bandit's panting from the back seat.

Rio was about to point out the exit, but the directional signal told him he didn’t have to call out directions. Instead, he let the steady rhythm of it lull him into a trance of his own thoughts.

Hannah drove feeling the sudden isolation now more than ever. In spite of the fact they were taking the long way she could help but feel like there were less people on the road, or around. Spying a rest stop Hanna pulled to the station, though it wasn’t till they got close the lack of light and the close sign on the door was apparent. “How about we stretch out legs for a bit?” The blonde said, clearing her throat so it wouldn’t crack.

Saint still rocking a major headache wasn’t letting a closed sign stop him. “Anyone got some Lock pick? bobby pins? Otherwise a rock will be just as effective.” Saint said looking back at the group. Nothing was standing in the way of three tynonals and some bottled water!

River blinked. “Why would he need a rock?” She asked who’s inexperienced in typical vandalism did not yet allow her to put two and two together.

“For the window,” Devin said softly. “Come on, help me look for something big enough.”

Rio popped the trunk of the car to see what they had to work with. No tool kit or first aid supplies, just a crow bar and a spare tire. “Nothing but a tire iron,” he told his nephew, slightly chuckling. Just a few days ago, the thought of helping his nephew break into a gas station would have garnered a class A lecture.

River blinked because finding a rock to smash a window and being asked by an adult to help in spite of the end of the world was still not something she expected. “Okay.” River said, sliding out of the car to look for just the right window smashing rock.

“Grab it. Lemme check for alarms … last thing we need is the place calling anything from miles away while we loot the place over.” Saint saint looked the place over through the window.

Hannah was not officially out of her element. “I’m … going to … help find a rock.” She said awkwardly following Devin and River.

Rio wrapped his hand around the cold metal, hesitating for just a moment before closing the trunk and bringing the metal object to Saint. “Don’t cut yourself, Mijo,” he warned, as if Saint would somehow have that on his agenda.

Saint gave a sardonic smile. “A little credit to the delinquent Tio? Tempered glass.” He said knocking on the storefront window. “It doesn't break into shards it crumbles.” He said rather astutely.

Hannah trailed after Devil and Rivier and they poked around the building for window breaking rocks.

“What about this?” River asked, picking up a broken piece of concrete with two hands. “It … heavy and …” River struggled to bring it over to show Devin. “... big … will that … work.” The kid asked putting the chuck done. “Very heavy.” She added.

“Good job,” Devin told her picking up the slab to bring around front. “I hope they left before looting, she wished, bringing the concrete over to Rio and Saint.

“Place looks like it’s been closed for a bit.” Saint noted. “Silent alarm, so we break the glass there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“At least we'll have some supplies.” Hannah said reminding herself this wasn’t exactly normal circumstances.

“Could be worse.” River said with a shrug. “Could always be worse.” She said in a smaller voice.

“Arrite Devin wana help me lob this through the window? It’s cathartic as hell.” Saint offered.

Devin gave a wry smile, and with a heave-ho on three, she and Saint had successfully sailed the concrete through the glass.

Rio pulled River back a few paces in case of shattering glass,instinctively grabbing with his free hand at that other pre-teen who was no longer there. “Mind the glass,” he told the blonde and his nephew, again, instinctively reacting.

The storefront window shattered, crumbling into bits. The concrete stone crashed, skid, and broke in half as it hit the floor. True to Saints word no alard rang.

"We should check the I side out before we do anything, just to be safe. We don't want any surprises leaping out." Hannah said stepping on, glass crunching under her sneakers.

River was happy to wait outside for the all clear. No more jump scares for this kid. Besides, someone had to watch the dog.

Bandit sat faithfully next to River and looked up to her for ear scratches. Someone had to watch the kid.

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