Rest Stop Part 2

Devin on instinct squinched her eyes closed at the sound of the breaking glass, following Hannah into the abandoned station. Luckily - it had yet to be looted. She quickly waved the others in before grabbing a Snickers off the shelf, barely getting the wrapper torn before taking the first bite. “River!” she called, “You are not going to want to miss this!”

Rio was less concerned with chocolate, more concerned with getting the pumps turned on to refuel. Whoever left did so in a huge hurry, but nor before they locked the pumps.

River beamed and she rushed in. "Do they have dog treats?" She asked taking her pick of sweets and salty treats. "Bandit totally needs treats."

Bandit followed River and panted excitedly at the word treat.

"Everything looks clear. There some bags back there so let's stock up like it might awhile cuz it might. I'll see if they have some gas cans." Hannah said heading down the auto supply aisle.

"I can figure out how to get the gas moving. Shouldn't be to hard." Saint volunteered.

“I got it, Mijo,” Rio told his nephew with a smirk. “Go find your pork rinds, before someone beats you to them.” He was, after all- a scientist. How hard could it be?

“Key is probably in the register,” Devin said through a mouth full of nougat. “When I used to work at the station in the Bronx, that’s always where we kept it.”

Great, overriding a register, Rio thought to himself, How hard could that be?

Saint shrugged grabbing a fistfull of those cheap looking canvas bags to fill. "Here ya go kid filler up."

"Can I have one for Bandit to fill with dog food, toys and treats?" River asked with huge puppy eyes. Bandit followed suit, sensing there was food in it for him, his tail wagging slightly.

Hannah suppressed a chuckle from the auto supplies aisle. She was grabbing gas's cans, tire repair kits and raiding the emergency kit for anything useful. "Don't forget the medicine aisle guys!" Hannah called out and she stepped out to line up the gas cans to fill.

Rio figured out the Override by haphazardly typing 1-2-3-4-5-6, and before long the pumps were turned on. He helped himself to a Coke, enjoying the taste of something besides water for what seemed like an eternity, before going to fill up the vehicle.

Devin stocked her bag with aspirin, acetaminophen and various medicines, also taking the dehydrated jerkies and power bars, but sneaking in a few candy bars as well as a few lighters, just in case they were needed. She felt a slight pang of guilt - but whoever came across the station next would still find plenty of provisions. A second bag was filled with bottles of water and sports drinks, and she made a few trips to the truck to carry everything.

River was feeling useful packing in as much dog food and threats as she could. “Yea i know it’s not the best food out there but we're all in the same boat at this rate so we’ll take what we can get.” She assured Bandit, who had claimed the toy for himself.

Saint helped Devin load bag after bag of supplies as Hanna worked on no food stuff.

“Anyone have to -- Freshen up?” Rio asked, holding the attendant’s key to the bathroom. “Next stop will be West Point. Speak now, or forever hold your pees.”

“Me!” River said taking the first go. Better to be now then out on the side of the road all awkward and looking around for anything out to jump ya.

“I’m good …” Hannah said, yea she had the piss squeezed out of her this morning all right.

“I’ll wait outside for River,” Devin offered, wanting to wash some of the grime off of her best she could. She’d grabbed whatever soap, deodorant and toiletries the station had on hand, little things, hopefully make all of them feel a bit of comfort during all the shit that was going on.

Rio was prepared to take a turn behind the wheel, Hannah and Saint had the brunt of the driving - they had a long haul ahead of them and he had a can of some named brand iced coffee to keep him awake. Their next stop, come hell or high water, would be West Point.

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