Hell Breaks Loose pt 1

It was a hard thing to watch a person die in front of you helpless to do anything. The situation had been grave, anyone could have seen that. Short of it happening in a hospital the man never stood a chance.

So Hannah sat there with a mournful look covered in the man’s blood. She had hunted, skinned and butchered game but this was different. This man had been attacked and mauled. He died a slow painful death. Hannah struggled to keep her tears in check. So much just happened in a short time she was kind of trapped in her little world for a bit.

For Saint and Rio, it was decided now was the best time to leave even if it meant walking the whole way! The pair walked down to the lobby and into the drama as it unfolded.

When Andrew drew his gun out of his backpack to shoot the dead officer the whole lobby broke out into pandemonium! People screamed, yelled, dived down to the floor and a few people rushed Andrew screaming, “He’s got a gun!!” as two men wrestled with Andrew to separate the gun from him.

Saint watched, startled over the chaos. “The fuck!” He squeaked as the gun waved over the crowd.

“Shit!” Rodrigo hissed, as he pushed his nephew to the ground. This is exactly what he was afraid would happen, people panicking, turning on each other. He didn’t get Santiago out of a gang only to let anything happen now. “Stay down,” he warned his nephew.

River watched in abject horror seeing things go absolutely crazy! Her parents were shouting in Chinese and ducked under the table with her brother. It wasn’t until she looked back at the dead man did her jaw drop as he twitched violently before sitting up as if he'd just been shocked back to life with paddles.

Simultaneously the elevator dinged and the door opened. The growling noise caused Saint to turn his head. He saw someone standing there who looked liked he had gone through the literal meatgrinder. He was covered in blood, his eyes and face were all kinds of messed up and the one knee looked totally mangled.

“Holy fucking shit man! Are you all right! How the hell are you even standing!” The poor teen's face was a mix of shock and horror. He didn’t even get a chance to approach the broken individual before it gave off an inhuman screech and rushed Saint. He screamed in shock as the former human hit Saint with enough force to not just knock him over but cause the pair to skid a little on the smooth floor.

“AAHH!! GET OFF GET OFF GET THE FUCK OFF!” The ex-gangster screamed in a panic; the only barrier between him and it being his duffle bag.

Rio’s heart stopped pumping blood at the sight of some ‘thing’ attacking what had become his kid over the past year, and adrenaline plus a pure protective instinct he’d never experienced before took over. With a primal scream of his own, he swung his hard rolling case by the handle up and across the side of the face at the thing attacking his nephew. The force of it knocked the attacker off balance, and Rio put himself between the two. “Go, go, go go go!” He told Saint, pushing him towards the main doors. “Don’t touch any of them!”

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