Hell Breaks Loose pt 2

Andrew was putting up a good fight until all this wrangling tweaked his bad knee and he reflexively twitched his hand holding the gun, setting it off before dropping it.

The gun rang, deafening everyone in the lobby and nearly shooting Gemma! Lucky though it didn’t - instead the bullet traveled into the eye of the dead, now sitting up, National Guardsmen. The bullet passed through his head sending a spray of black ichor and bone shrapnel to the people that were standing behind him and passed through a woman’s leg.

The National Guardsmen head rocked back, but he didn’t drop. The woman who got shot however DID and went down screaming bloody murder. Others reeled back as bone shards cut and nicked them.

The National Guardsmen turn to Sophie with his one good eye, gurgled and leapt onto the poor girl; black thick goo pouring out of his mouth.

Hannah was dumbfounded; this whole thing was an ongoing nightmare she wasn’t waking up from! “FuckShitShitShitFuckOMIGAWD! Get off her! HELP!” She screeched, grabbing him by the shirt as the monster persisted forward. Right now Hannah was the only thing holding the Guardsmen back far enough from eating Sophie's face off!

“The fuck?” Devin asked about the commotion in the lobby until the gun went off. She pulled the redhead down to the ground and wrapped a protective arm around him, drawing him close to her chest. He wasn’t her kid, but he was a kid, and if Jurassic Park taught her anything, it was that kids get scared. Hell, she was scared, it was hard not to be with all the chaos. She saw the man she’d seen earlier with his father, or brother maybe, heading for the doors - it would be a pretty straight shot. Any place had to be safer than there. “C’mon Copper,” She said, yanking the boy to his feet. “When I say run? You stay with me and run. Don’t stop for anything or anyone, don’t look. Get to the doors. Let’s go!”

It was about then people lost their minds and everyone ran to the exit nearest to them! River and her family ran to the main door to escape along with Saint and Rio.

No one wanted to head into the Garage where that thing that attacked Saint came from!

The folks wrestling Andrew reeled back and ran. Unfortunately, his gun was lost underfoot, kicked off to a place he couldn’t immediately see.

“Now, Coppertop, run!” Devin pushed the boy in front of her, heading to the main doors where everyone was rushing out.

Sophie was fighting for her life as the crazed dead but not dead enough Gaurdman gnashed his teeth inches from her nose with Hannah holding on to him as if Sophie's life depended on it. It did.

Vida was caught in the heard of humanity as she saw her sister being attacked and the blond girl desperately trying to help her prone sister.

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