Bobby uses the Z-word

Despite Devin's attempts to shield Bobby from the pandemonium, he had been able to catch sight of the horribly mangled man from the elevator attacking the two latin-looking guys. As she pulled him to his feet and ordered him to run, he looked back towards the elevator once more. It was like looking at a film set, one of a sort that was horribly familiar to him. "I-it's a feckin' zombie attack!" he exclaimed, his face aghast, mouth slack and eyes bulging. Then a yank at his arm from Devin brought him back to reality and he started running alongside her while he stuffed his phone back into his pocket. "The news... said something... about a laboratory... accident... at Long Island!" he yelled to Devin, gasping for air as he ran. He wished his stamina had been better. Why hadn't he joined the football team years ago when his dad had proposed it?

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