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“Did you have enough to eat?” Rodrigo asked his nephew, after he’d poured himself a cup of coffee to go. It was a typical ‘parent’ question, even though as with most days, he was winging the whole guardian thing. It’d been a year since the boy came to live with him, and hell if he knew what he was doing. What he did know, however, was that the further away they got right now, the safer he’d feel, so he hoped Saint for once would be co-operative. “Are you packed to go?”

Saint paused a moment and blinked still shaking off the fuzziness of waking up in the hell that was morning. “I’ve been packed … since like last night. Remember … you ran in freakin’ out,” he reminded, slowly crunching his cereal. “So why the hell are we here and not ....” Saint paused his eyebrows furrowing as he spotted the headlines on the TV. “… da fuck …” he murmured as all the TV’s switched over to the emergency broadcast system.

Rodrigo’s shoulders slumped as his eyes were glued to the TV, reports from the CDC concerning an outbreak, and quarantining the greater New York area.

“At this time,” the man in the dark suit said into the camera, “we’re just taking precautions. We’re asking everyone in the area to stay where they are. Indoors is currently the safest place to be. There is no need for concern; the decision to close off the island of Manhattan as well as Long Island is just a formality; a precaution for the protection of the people in those locations. We anticipate this action will be very short-lived, and we thank the great citizens of these areas for their cooperation; they’ve all been just so receptive, and it really shows why they call this the greatest --”

“Go get the bags,” Rodrigo said, interrupting the broadcast. “Now, Mijo.”

“Wha-” Saint started but was shut down with a sharp look from Rio. The teen just huffed like a stubborn dog and slid out of his chair to get their bags from their room. “Fine…” He grumbled.

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