Jules is a well trained Asshole

<<Jake: "But the others - has it already come to this? Survival of the fittest. Every man for himself? We can't just abandon them. What about...">>

Jules grabbed a protein bar from the box and shuffled the lid closed again. “We aren’t just abandoning them. They were rescued from the hotel, weren’t they. They were driven far from the site of the worst of it, weren’t they?”

<<Sophie: "Hate to break the gossip, but you move this bus before I'm back you might just lose the only damn medic you've got.">>

Under the pretense of adjusting Quinn’s harness, Gemma had her head lowered and face shielded behind a curtain of hair. She smiled as the dark skinned Sophie stepped off the bus.


“Huh.” He sounded distracted.


“Yeah.” He sounded distracted.


“What is it?!”

Now Gemma had her brother’s attention. “Were you looking at her ass?”

“I was making sure she got off the bus safely.” Jules offered a bit foolishly.

“Did all of her make it off the bus safely or just her ass? Nevermind - come closer and listen.” Gemma began whispering to her twin with fingers lightly touching his face so she could read his responses. At times realization dawned on his face, but mostly he just nodded his head.

After a prolonged exchange Jules broke the huddle and spoke more loudly than necessary given his sister was sitting right next to him. "Sure you don't need to go?”

"I may as well, since the little girl went. Don't let them leave without us.” Gemma made her way off the bus with accomplished ease and Quinn's help. Jules followed suit shortly after, but instead of crossing to use the restroom facilities he peed on the back wheel.

<<Bobby: "And mister? Will you make sure the bathrooms are safe before we go in? I don't fancy a zombie making a hames outta me while I take a leak.">>

OOC: Not sure who Bobby was talking to on this one, but I’ll just jump in there.

“The bathrooms are safe, kid. We’d have heard screaming and barking by now if they weren’t. Better hurry though, things are changing fast out here. Go on, I’ll watch you from here. Not going in the bathroom with a little kid like some pervert. Scream once for spiders and twice for… what’d you call ‘em? Zombies? That’s kid’s stuff, but - nah. Go on.” Jules returned to sit on the top step in the doorway. The driver wasn’t leaving without the older Hispanic male. The spunky short haired woman in the back wasn’t leaving without her sister. Or were they lovers? They didn’t particularly look like sisters. Hopefully they were lovers. Jules thought about that way too long and actually shook his head out to clear the thoughts. The tatted up chick in the front row was probably a dike too, but she wasn’t going to leave without the little Chinese girl. The pregnant woman was cute, no chance of hittin’ that for many months to come, though. Jules wasn’t going to let any of them back on the bus if he could help it, not until he knew Gemma was inbound at least. He sure as fuck wasn’t going to let any of them drive off until his sister was back.

So he spent the time occupying his mind with thoughts of the hot blonde who didn’t seem to be with anyone. Hannah was her name, but Jules didn’t know that. He liked what he saw when she’d bent over earlier and she had the country girl vibe. ‘I wonder if she’s a slutty cleat chaser,’ he thought to himself.

“Jules,” Gemma’s voice cut in on his inappropriate thoughts.

“Present!” He jumped to his feet.

“Oh Christ, you were having one of those daydreams again, weren’t you?”

“No I wasn’t.”

“You jumped up like you were back in school. And you have a boner.”

“Do not.”

“Well maybe you don’t, not like I can see. May I please get on the bus or have we fallen out?” Gemma was teasing her brother and Jules found he missed it more than he’d realized. He took her hand and helped her up and back to their seat. “How’d you get back first? You were the last to go to the bathroom.”

“Handicap stall. No one was using that one. Quinn made a potty break too, thanks for asking.”

“I’m sorry, was I supposed to ask about the piss breaks of a dog?”

Gemma elbowed him in the ribs. “Quinn is not just a dog. He’s my eyes and my guide and my friend. And he has better manners than you by a long shot. Did you grab any dog food from the hotel kitchen?”

“I didn’t think about the dog. About Quinn. Think he can eat protein bars?”

They sat for a while then Gemma whispered, “I think he watches me shower. Is that creepy?”

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