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Summary: The Keeper of souls...


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Arcanae






Incarne is revered by many as the Keeper of souls. Her realm came into existence during the birth of the Aethersphere. Because Incarne's realm is barren and desolate, no-one has bothered to reside within it. Sakir Clanships would pass through the realm occasionally, but never stay for too long. History books describe the earlier existence of Carne as "a realm bountiful and thriving with energy and life". Some suspect the barrenness and infertility was a result of the Arcana's degrading health, others think that it had something to do with a broken heart. Nevertheless, the history of Carne and its Arcana is vaguely understood by many. There is one thing special about the realm. It is told that Incarne kept a special element, called Ashakara. The "Shadowmist", as Skyrean folklore would call it, is able to preserve the souls of those who pass on in the realm. A love ballad sung by Skyrean musicians mentioned this special element, and how two desperate lovers escaped into Carne and jumped off a high cliff to their death, only so they could spend eternity together.

Additional Info

The realm of Carne is a dark and barren place. The days are cold and the nights are colder. Nothing ever grows in the realm, and nothing ever will. The realm is covered with thick dark fog, and large cracks on the ground reveal dark and terrifying trenches that seem to have no end. Mountainous caverns and towering canyons loom over the dusky barren land, and small pools of water are found wedged between cavernous rocks that appear like giants when seen from a far distance. Skyrean folklore says that Incarne had fallen in love with an Arcana, but that love was not reciprocated. Saddenned, the Arcana drew herself into the dark crevices of her realm, and forbid any living thing to grow. Carne is the least visited realm in the Aethersphere, but it is considered a sacred burial ground by most Sakir, and a few Skyreans. Loved ones who are sick and have no hope of recovering are buried alive in the realm. Their spirits now roam the realm, and are often visited by those who love them.

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