OOC - Ocorah: Creation Begins

After joining the game, you can contact me via e-mail if you have any questions queries and ideas that you would like to share. As your moderator, I will do my best to help you get acquainted with the gameplay.

The Aethersphere is filled with unique realms, each with its own Arcana. These realms may carry special minerals, resources, or even unique elements. Realms can be plain or magical in nature, but be sure to make the realm easy to inhabit and thrive in. A realm too complex will discourage players from playing.


Creating a Realm
1) Start with creating an Arcana (realm-builder)
2) Age of Arcana is equivalent to age of the realm
3) Name the Realm in "Realm/Clanship" label
4) History of Realm/Arcana in "History/Backstory" label. Tell a story!
5) "Realm Info" - description, rules of the realm, limits, special characteristics
6) "Arcanae Info" - description, appearance, special characteristics

Clanships are huge "motherships" that are inhabited by Sakir. Since Skyres have claimed most of the realms as theirs, Sakir are forced to construct their own "realms", and their Clanships act as both homes and storage spaces for the resources they have gathered. Sakir clanships are mainly powered by Ocorah that is derived from the Aethersphere. But this Ocorah is limited, hence Sakir will have to enter a realm to "charge" the Clanship.


Creating a Clanship
1) Create a Sakir Character
2) Name the Clanship in "Realm/Clanship" label
3) History of Clanship/Sakir in "History/Backstory" label. Tell a story!
4) "Clanship Info" - description, rules of the clanship, limits, special characteristics (do not fill this if you're joining an existing Clanship)

Because realms are actively sustained by one Arcana (Arcanae cannot co-exist in one realm), the realm is usually populated by one City and/or one Town before it reaches carrying capacity (Building another City or Town in that same realm will cause the realm to collapse as the Arcana will not be able to sustain it). The Skyre civilization have since then been engaging themselves in exploring other realms in which they can settle and populate.

Creating a City/Town
1) Create a Skyre Character
3) Name the Realm in "Realm/Clanship" label. Add City/Town name after a dash eg. "Demorah - Kyrin"
4) History of City/Town/Skyre in "History/Backstory" label. Tell a story! (If you're joining an existing City/Town, then only fill in the Skyre Character's backstory)
5) "Realm Info" - (only for creators) relationship/connection between town/city and the chosen realm.
6) "Arcanae Info" - (only for creators) relationship/connection between town/city and Arcanae.

Arcanae - are realm builders. They use Ocorah to build their realms, then continue to sustain the realm for as long as they remain there. Arcanae (singular "Arcana") have no other special ability other than building realms and sustaining life within them. If captured or killed, the Arcanae's realm will collapse into the Oblivion, making it non-existent.

Skyres - also called Aetherborne. They are a race of people known for their wisdom, intellect and great skill. Skyres pride themselves over this, and consider the Sakir to be primitive scum on the Aethersphere. Skyres have no special ability other than building and innovating, and their civilization is famous for its advanced technology and elite warriors.

Sakir - also called Etherborne. They are travelling nomads, and the citizens of the Aethersphere. Sakir look no different from Skyres, but they have great strength and amazing speed. Sakir can also phase through solid objects, but this ability is quite rare among the race, and not many who have the ability possess the skill to properly use it.