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MNS Archangel

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Gender: Null

Age: 109

Group: Other


Arandis III, Scorpio Shipyards




Force projection and hostile pacification
Light (Heavy) Cruiser
Forward Troop Transport/Heavy Orbital/Planetary

Physical Appearance


L: 300 metres
W: 50 metres
D: 75

Gray-colored hull in a wedge shape, multiple ventral blisters line the ship's bombardment and troop bays

Personality and interests



While originally, along with her sister ships, intended to be a fist for the Mandate, the aging Bruxelles-class Archangel was reassigned more as a stern hand for those frontier worlds who dared to shirk their responsibility and taxes to the Mandate.

Archangel's keel was laid at Arandis III in the Scorpio Shipyards alongside six other Bruxelles vessels. Commissioned on February 9, 2496 A.D., MNS Archangel was deployed to the Eri IV cluster as part of the main fleet projection for the Eridanus sector.

In 2498, MNS Archangel was deployed in a pirate suppression campaign alongside her sister ship, MNS Gabriel. Confirmed 3 orbital kills, 3 frigate kills, heavily damaged 5 frigates.

In 2500, MMS Archangel underwent a refit, which upgraded its omen shield generator to current military specs.

In 2517, MMS Archangel was reassigned to the Perseus Cluster to reinforce Taskforce 19. Was delayed over a month following drive malfunction enroute.

In 2523, Taskforce 19 received an overhaul of major systems to implement the new Neural Net system. MNS Archangel received additional refits and saw the inclusion of four heavy plasma cannons and three light plasma cannons.

In 2530, MNS Archangel, Michael, and Uriel were deployed to the Sidonis system following reports of major pirate activity.

In September 22, 2531, MNS Archangel partook in Operation: Hammer. Successfully landed troops upon Sidonis II, confirmed 12 frigates kills, 1 orbital kill.

On October 14, 2531, MNS Archangel withstood pirate attack as rebel forces attempted reclaim the system. Confirmed 2 frigate kills, 1 cruiser kill.

On December 9, 2531, MNS Archangel and Uriel would successfully withstand assaults from the planet and rebel reinforcement. Destroyed the capital city of Muni, total fatalities est. 2.8 million lives lost. Confirmed 2 cruiser kills, severely damaged 3 frigates. MNS Archangel received major damage.

In 2532, MNS Archangel entered Scorpio Shipyards for repairs. Repair and refit is on indefinite hold, following construction of Myr Jump Gate.

In 2532, MNS Archangel entered mothballs.

In 2633, MNS re-enters service, received a complete overhaul of all systems. Is now currently in service.


1 Implosion Field Projector (Primary Weapon)
1 "Ramrod" Warp-Line Gun (Orbital/Asteroid Deterrent)
15 Antaeus Siege Missiles (Orbital Bombardment Weapon)

Hardened Polyceramic Overlay Hull Armor

Spike Drive (Rating 4)
Cargo Lighter (Shuttle)
Ship's Locker
Hydroponic Production
Fuel Bunker (Fuel Reserve)
Fuel Scoops
3 Life Support Fittings
Drop Pods
Vehicle Bay


50 min. Human Crew
300 max. Human Crew

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Image of MNS Archangel
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