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Summary: O-6 Captain of MNS Archangel

Peng Wei

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Gender: Male

Age: 72

Group: Navy, Commissioned


Earth, Historical China District 2


O-6 Captain


CO of Mandate Naval Ship Archangel

Physical Appearance

White haired
Wizened eyes

Personality and interests

Enjoys tea, reading, and quiet evening strolls through Hydroponics.


Born on Earth in what has become "Authentic China", Peng Wei was not a child meant for greatness. His parents had hoped he may become a psychic, therefore earning a higher status with the Psionic Authority. However, he did not even possess a shred of psionic potential.

Said to have failed his family, he was disowned and cast out of his house. Fortunately for a young Wei, he was snatched up by a Mandate draft cycle. Upon entering basic training, he found a new life with a clear meaning. Tirelessly he worked, suffering even allergic reactions that would have discharged him to prove he could do it.

His first assignment was onboard the MNS Queen Elizabeth, serving as a communication officer. Every day, the young recruit would process, with excellent clarity, hundreds of data nodes and send them to their correct server. Many griped that this bucket of bolts was just a waystation to greater things, but Wei had none of those thoughts, just sheer want to prove he could do it.

For the next 20 years, from promotion to promotion, he worked hard to prove he could. When at last he was awarded the rank of Captain, Penn Wei noticed his parents at the ceremony to which he was the honored guest. They attempted to talk but were met with a silence. He walked away from that night without ever speaking to them.

Much of his file is redacted but Peng Wei has been noted to have been in several engagements, some even rumor to have been in the fleet that destroyed the A.I. Draco in the Code Revolt.


Neural Net (Standard Issue)
Thermal Pistol (Plasma)



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Image of Peng Wei
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