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Summary: O-4 Lieutenant Commander, CMO

Alicia Mendez

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Gender: Female

Age: 33 (78)

Group: Navy, Commissioned


Tau Ceti III


O-4 Lieutenant Commander


Chief Medical Officer

Physical Appearance

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Is a product of eighth generation of anagathics, extending her lifespan for 100 years.

Personality and interests

Enjoys a good deal of time reading up on medical practices. Enjoys playing tunes on an ocarina.

She is quick and curt, not suffering any insubordination in her department. She likes to keep tabs upon the health of the crew, and feels privileged to be the captain's personal doctor.


Born as the fifth daughter to the Mendez family, Alicia wanted nothing to do with the corporate runnings that her father insisted be in the family. Though she is a skilled bureaucrat because of it, she hated every single moment of it. When she finally was of age, Alicia entered the Mandate Navy to distance herself from the cloak-and-dagger plots centered around her family.

Mendez served upon the MNS Archangel during its reactivation and refit, overseeing many on site injuries and surgeries. She was made the CMO after the previous one taken for questioning by the Bureau of Harmony. She has not seen him since and has held the position since.


Neural Net (Standard Issue)
Medical Bag containing numerous stims and hyposprays
Thermal Pistol (Standard Issue)



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Image of Alicia Mendez
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