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Summary: O-5 Commander, XO of the MNS Archangel

Edward Kyle

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Gender: Male

Age: 25 (109)

Group: Navy, Officers


Earth, New Detroit


O-5 Commander


Executive Officer (XO) of the Archangel

Physical Appearance


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Personality and interests

Edward is highly efficient at running the ship when the captain can not. Being a trained psychic, he often used his powers to better the state of the ship.

He believes in the image of the Terran Mandate, despite problems that have begun to appear in the human rule. As such, he dislikes disobedience and is usually the first to respond to disloyalty and sedition with cool yet righteous anger. He is a trained telepath and telekinetic, always quick to immobilize any potential threats that he deems or perceives as a danger.He

Because of a decadent youth, he has become addicted to lifestyle stims, though thankfully they are a lesser evil so long as he follows the Mandate's orders.


Born in the former 8 Mile district of what is now New Detroit, Edward Kyle knew no such thing as poverty. He was brought up on the decadence of Earth, knowing only richness and power.

Upon his 12th birthday, the young adolescent would learn of the great power he could wield with just his mind. Though he inevitably "torched" (The process of fueling a psychic power by channeling metadimensional energies through already strained pathways in the brain), he learned to control these New abilities through training at the Psionic Authority.

Much of his file is classified by the PA, and can not be viewed.

He has received 8th generation anagathics, extending his life well over a hundred years.


Neural Net (Standard Issue)
Thermal Pistol (Plasma)
Lifestyle Stim, usually in his pockets


Human Psychic

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Image of Edward Kyle
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