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Summary: Everything has a price. And I can get you anything you want. But it will cost you double!

Joel Hogwood

Gender: Male

Age: 33

Group: Marines, Officers


New Calvary, Nazarus Prime


E8 - First Sergeant - 1SG


SEA of Delta Commando Company

Physical Appearance

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Personality and interests

Enjoys gambling and sports. Always on the look out for a good deal. One of the major players of the black market contraband trade aboard the Archangel.
Charismatic, witty, and friendly unless you owe him money. Huge network of contacts across the Mandate fleets, core worlds and in the edge settlements.
Loves bartering and sealing deals.
Profit driven but would die for any man or woman in his Company.


Born in the spiraling industrial hive world of Nazarus Prime in the settlement of New Calvary, Joel was destined to becoming another factory labourer. Both his parents worked in the munition industry but he never showed any aptitude or interest to follow in their footsteps.

From an early age he ran with gangs of other youngsters creating havoc and mischief wherever they went. Petty theft and a few fights but never caught of convicted of anything serious.
At the age of 16 as he was assigned to floor work in a factory he decided to walk into the nearest recruitment office and join the Mandate Corps.

He left Nazarus behind and never looked back.
4 tours of duty. The last two aboard the battlecruiser MNS Archangel.

Joel is the man you speak to if you need anything that you cannot get your hands on through normal means or items you are not supposed to have. From the mundane to the exotic. He can get you anything.


Laser rifle
Survival pack
Tailored Anti-allergens
Translator torc
Ghost Talker Transceiver
Neural Net (Standard Issue)



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Image of Joel Hogwood
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