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Summary: Name's Hannibal. I've seen a lot and I've done a lot.

Hannibal Lecter

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Gender: Man

Age: 42

Group: Civilian




Commander (Captain) / Civilian

CO of The All Pleasures


Space jock

Physical Appearance

Tall and lean, with long sinewy limbs that belie his true strength and speed. His left eye is starkly blue while his right eye... well it got stabbed out and has since been replaced with a cybernetic one. His right hand isn't original either. It was lost during a space liner crash. He's tinkered with the replacement a few times to increase the strength a bit. Comes in handy for opening jars and such. Wears a grey military surplus trench jacket.

Personality and interests

Fairly laid-back, with a penchant for storytelling and even outright bragging from time to time. Loves naked women and tinkering with old junk. ...just, ya know, not at the same time. Usually.


Hannibal Lecter has had many professions over the years; a culinary cheff on Ticonderoga, a sheriff on Korhal minor, an energy weapons tech on New Lithuania... but he'd always dreamed of owning his own ship- becoming the captain of his own destiny, as it were. So finally, following a major settlement over a space liner crash in which he lost his arm, he purchased one. It was a pirate corsair, impounded by Port Authority and auctioned of. It's name: The All Pleasures. And all was great until the engine broke down and he had to make an emergency landing on planet Mira, in the Mira system.


Cybernetic eye, capable of in depth scans. Also, shoots lasers. At least, that's what he tells people, anyway.

Laz pistola - there are many like it. But this one is his.

Ballistic knife - the one time it's okay to bring a knife to a gunfight!



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Image of Hannibal Lecter
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