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Summary: Who we bringin' the hurt on?

Alicia Reyes Herric

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Marines/Soldiers




Gunnery Sergeant (E-7)


Armored Cavalry, Mobile Artillery Walker Pilot

Physical Appearance

Obvious Hispanic heritage in her dark complexion and black curly hair that she keeps chopped short within regulations. She may be a dirt pilot standing at 163cm, but she's an athlete and a warrior at her core and is usually either coated in engine grease or bruises from the training room.

Personality and interests

She's a grease monkey, and does almost as much work on her vehicle as the mechanics do. She spent her youth fixing old cars with her dad and has a knack for mechanics.

She also enjoys gunsmithing, an old art that her dad taught her in their free time. Doesn't help with many modern weapons, but she keeps a classic as a personal project.

She's also got a love for classic rock and used to play guitar.


Born on Earth, Alicia lived with her mom for the first eight years of her life before going to live with her dad for the next ten fixing antique cars and guns. She's always been the rough and tumble type and frequently got into fights at school, though never without a justification. In all, her dad only grounded her three times, and twice used combat conditioning to straighten her out.

That didn't stop the Bureau of Harmony from stepping in and inducting her in a series of rehabilitation and de-escalation programs that drained much of the time she once shared with her father. While she never hated her social workers for depriving her that time over the years, she was never able to fully develop a student/mentor relationship with them, and remained highly competitive regarding every social restucturing goal as a challenge to be met, balancing and maintaining who she was at heart with what the Mandate desired her to be. Thanks to the Bureau, she's become exceptionally good at social conflict de-escalation and avoidance, though she still engages in combat sports for the entertainment she derives from it.

By the time she was eighteen, she was a competitive athlete, machine savvy, and deemed "acceptable for military service", making her an exceptional candidate for the Marines Armoured Cavalry. Shes been on two tours and is looking to go career, having risen through the ranks to being a pilot and artillery battery NCO. To this day, she maintains contact with her dad and one of her trusted social workers, who she messages more as an open social contract than from requirement.

In the end, she still needs physical activity as a release, often joining up with CQC trainings when she isn't working with her hands, making her half decent in the tight spaces of a ship or building. She's also a mid tier lightweight in hand to hand competitions, and prefers to train against people who are a minimum one weight class up, reasoning that she's more than likely to have to brawl it out in combat with someone much bigger than she is someday.


Neural Net (Standard Issue)
Standard Battle Dress Uniform
Armoured Cav Combat Harness
Mag Rifle, CQC
Mag Pistol
Field Vehicle Repair Kit (includes metatool)
Individual First Aid Kit
Antique Kinetic Sidearm

"Juggernaut" Heavy Shock Mech
(artillery walker, crew of three)


Human, Hispanic

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Image of Alicia Reyes Herric
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