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Summary: Artillery walker in service

"Juggernaut" Heavy Shock Mech

Gender: N/A

Age: 32

Group: Other


Orion IV, Archilles Site XXIII.A
Produced by Archilles Defense Contractors




- Fifth Generation Mech
- Artillery Weapons Platform
- Anti-Tank/Fortification Direct Fire
- Electronic Countermeasure Unit

Physical Appearance

Classified as a Heavy Shock Mech, standing at 8.5 meters under full leg extension and weighing 76 tonnes, the latest and last official iteration of Heavy Mechs lacks many of the previous features of Second Wave mechs, namely grasping arms or external manipulators.

The chassis and legs is also avian in design appearance, allowing for the vehicle to deploy stabilizing struts for sustained fire missions as well as "sit" on the ground while keeping the legs directly beneath it.

The weapons platform is borrowed from the latest generations of Gravtank design, providing a lower profile compared to human-like designs.

Personality and interests

The vehicle's armor retains plenty of superficial damage to the exterior, anything that doesn't require maintenance or repair to continue required performance levels.

The inside features the crews' pictures and memorabilia, namely printed photos and some small items collected over their years of service. Names of previous crews have been written on the floor hatch in white grease pen, and the mech's callsign has also been recorded through the years.

The exterior has had three paint jobs over its service life, the most recent being a change in decal from a lion to that of a terror bird.


Part of the last remaining contracts of the Mandate military for mechs, the "Juggernaut" (derived from the Gen. 5 Ser. 7 Mechanized Weapons Platform) is an artillery platform meant for rapid deployment to groundside operations supporting infantry through both indirect fire missions and electronic countermeasures.

This individual unit began service under Mandate Marines Corps operation in 2632, where it was involved in three subsequent conflicts in the Eridanus system between 2633 and 2646, at the time being deployed from the MMS Paladin.

Following retirement of its first crew, her second crew along with the artillery section were transferred to the MMS Orion, where they saw three deployments between 2655 and 2661, none lasting over thirty days.

The third crew was brought in after the second disbanded, two moving laterally into armored divisions of the Mandate Marines Corps and the third retiring, and followed the artillery section as it was redeployed with the Marines of the MMS Archangel, piloted by Gunnery Sergeant Alicia Reyes Herric.


Ammunition Cell
Pulse Transceiver
Fire Control Unit/Master

Vanguard Plating

Heavy Machine Gun (aux)
Light Machine Gun (coaxial)
3x 250mm Artillery Cannons
Incendiary Smoke



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