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Summary: Please don't hurt me. I'll be good. I promise!


Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Civilian






She is nothing more than a possession for the man that has her currently.

Physical Appearance

Standing 5' 2" tall, and leggy with fair skin, she has a skittish feel about her.
She has friendly brown eyes and her long, curly, black hair has matted spots from not being able to take proper care of it.

She usually wears unwashed, casual clothes that are either revealing or don't fit her right.

Personality and interests

She can read and has been caught stealing books for her pleasure to read them when not being watched.


Her mother died when she was just a baby, and she was an only child. Her father couldn't cope with the loss of his wife, and be able to care for an infant daughter. So he crawled into a bottle and never came out. He also took pleasure in gambling any money he made away.

He finally got so much in debt, he had sold his daughter, who was only a child (not even 12), to the man he owed to wipe away his debt.

Autumn basically became a slave to the man, doing his cleaning and being his favorite form of entertainment. When she was older and her feminine form started to fill out, he began to "appreciate" her more.


Just a book, maybe



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Image of Autumn
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