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Summary: Guns are all warmed up.

Samantha Cazalla McCormick

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Marines/Soldiers




Sergeant (E-5)


Armored Cavalry, Mobile Artillery Walker Gunner

Physical Appearance

Light brown hair that grows into curls when she has the time off, an angular face with an arched nose, on a fair palette that tends towards tanning over burning in the sun. All of which points to an American mixed heritage, which is finalized with the Texan 'Lone Star' tattoo she wears on her back between the shoulder blades.

She's a Marine at her core, just like her father, and has the physicality to hold her own like any other, despite only standing in at 157cm.

Personality and interests

Surprisingly easy going, typically of a mind to be the most rational in a stressful situation. Her voice is often described as that of a southern avenging angel when she's on the comms talking to soldiers while Herric coordinates the gun platoon.

While her father was a Marine, and the biggest encouragement behind her choosing her branch, her mother is a surgeon back on Earth and has always been open with her practices around her, which almost led her into choosing to become a Navy Corpsman. This has occassionally been shown in moments where a corpsman is needed or in need of assistance, and she makes sure to keep some basic training scheduled and a medic bag packed in the mobile artillery.

On her own time, she's a fan of watching fun romcoms and comedy shows, but will also hang out at the range or with the medics exchanging notes and following new medical science breakthroughs.


Samantha was the soldier that almost never was.

During her early life much of her time was split between being with her mother at work, waiting in the lounge for her end of shift, or at school where she was expected to keep her grades high by both parents as her father was on active duty. The latter stayed in touch by video call whenever possibly, showing her new and exciting worlds with every deployment and sending home foreign and delightful souvenirs, often paired with those for her mother.

Their relationship was however distant, both physically and emotionally. She never really saw him as a father, but she set him as a friend and role model which she preferred better to the rocky relationship she and her mother had.

However, on her sixteenth birthday, expecting another gift from dad she instead opened the door to find the man himself, which sparked a change in their relationship. It was a bit rough at first, he wanted to be a proper father and she wanted him to stay her best friend, but within a few months it was worked out that life just wouldn't be what either of them wanted. He was already the role model she wanted, while she already loved him in a way he couldn't and truthfully didn't want to change.

By that point, she was picking up on some of the basics of emergency medicine and interning with EMS at the hospital her mom worked at, and planning on going into the Navy to become a corpsman and possibly surgeon herself.

Then the day came. Her mother got called in for an emergency surgery that lasted for fourteen hours straight following an attack from a rouge psy. The victim ultimately succumbed to their wounds, and her mother was devastated for days by it. Sam drifted away from that pain and more to her father's path, as an artillery gunner for the Mandate Marines.

She would go on to be recommended on three separate occassions to become a corpsman instead, but performed excellent enough the Corps couldn't say no. To this day, she keeps medicine and science as an interest and a backup skill for those darkest hours when their needed, but far more enjoys the time spent in the cabin deployed on distant alien worlds.


Neural Net (Standard Issue)
Standard Battle Dress Uniform
Armoured Cav Combat Harness
Mag Pistol
Emergency Field Surgery Pack
Lazarus Patch, 3x
Individual First Aid Kit


Human, American

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