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Summary: Now what did you do to it this time?

Nadia Aaisha Shariff

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Marines/Soldiers


Adhara IV (Iesha)


Gunnery Sergeant (E-7)


Combat Mech Repairer/Technician

Physical Appearance

Darker toned young woman with black hair she keeps tied back in a bun, Nadia has an ancestry that leads to her having a very Persian or Arabic appearance in her facial structure, with a sharp face and fairly prominent nose. She stands at hardly 158cm and doesn't have much in mass, but makes up for that in leverage and knowing how to use it.

Personality and interests

She's a mechanic and technician by trade, being one of the few that remain in active service that is actually trained to work on mechs as well as regular vehicles such as trucks and cars. She was raised on fixing hover bikes and knows her way around a mchinist shop as well, and makes it a point to keep her workspace clean.

Trouble is she's far more familiar with how machines work than people do, and is prone to monologuing about mechanics and technology or ranting about damages and repairs needed, although normally she's caught somewhere between being a perpetually tired pigeon and a coffee consuming raccoon.


Nadia was raised on one of the many far colony worlds where keeping things fixed was just a basic requirement of life. While her father had wanted sons, she became his only child after her mother passed away from a viral infection only a few months after she was born.

With only Nadia to keep him company, he raised her like the son he had wanted and they spent most of their time working on farm vehicles that kept the colony alive and desirable for trade with other systems. She found her niche working on hoverbikes that were used commonly by farmers and ranchers to patrol their fields and herds, as well as heavy duty logging walkers that many shops turned down, giving her and her father a serious advantage in the market.

School she more or less didn't care for, and really only achieved as much as was necessary, seeing herself as going into trade school over college. When she tried, however, she was turned down based on school grades.

Seeking an alternative, she tested for the Mandate Marines, startling several recruiters with an almost perfect score in mechanics and engineering, including the soon to be rotated out walker section. She was brought on to keep one of the last walker battalions running, and has been doing so ever since, finding a friend and then a romantic partner in a pilot of the same passion.


Neural Net (Standard Issue)
Standard Battle Dress Uniform
Technician's Coveralls
Mech Repair Toolkit
Vehicle Repair Toolkit
Antique Semi-Auto Pistol


Human (Persian)

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Image of Nadia Aaisha Shariff
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