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Summary: An aging free trader ship that has seen better days

The All Pleasures

Owned by:

Gender: Null

Age: 54

Group: Other




Free Trader Hull

Hull Size Category: Frigate


Original Design Role: Roundabout trade/combat/exploration

Current Design Role: Fast Combat/Trader

Physical Appearance

L: 48 m
W: 25 m
D: 15 m

Wedged shaped in design, with a worn black paint on the hull

Personality and interests

EVA - Class Three Artificial Intelligence


The original owner has been purged multiple times. Remaining data indicates that it once belonged to a Tyr Memphis. Collected extranet data reveals several bounties upon his head, though further data was expunged.

The current owner is Hannibal Lecter, circa 2665 A.D. The ship, in prior hands, was already well worn and beginning to fail in a few systems. Captain Lecter made considerable progress in repairing systems but was unprepared for drive failure upon entering the Mira System during a trade run.


1 Reaper Battery

Atmospheric Configuration
Spike Drive (Rating 2) (disabled),
Emission Dampners
Cargo Space 100 dTons
Fuel Scoop


Min. 1 Human Crew

Max. 6 Human Crew

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Image of The All Pleasures
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