Corpmen To Cargo 3

((Cargo 3, MNS Archangel))

Mendez almost dropped her instrument at the sight of Lily suddenly dropping like a rock. She saw that split second look of surprise on her face before she hit the deck.

"That felt wonderful,” she said shaking her head, failing to stand. Mendez came forward by reflex alone, dropping into a crouch and surveying her with a practiced eye. Already her ankle was swollen, though no other injury seemed to be had. Her Link pinged Medical 1.

Corpmen to Cargo 3, non-emergency.

"Sit still," Mendez said at the same moment. "The corpmen are coming." She touched the toes of her pink slippers, feeling them beneath the smooth fabric. "Can you wiggle your toes?"

She felt them move and Mendez smiled. "No broken bones, you may have rolled it. How much pain do you feel?"

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