a new friend

Lily stood quite by Commander Kyle’s bedside. She had long since pulled her hair down for the right bun but it was still pulled back in a ponytail. She looked up at Dr. Mendez. ” are you sure he is stable, you'll tell me if anything happens” she asked. Looking back at the monitors then to him. She knows she was required to go to the memorial service but she had to make sure the commander was alright.

After Mendez confirmed the commander was stable and he would let lily known if anything changed. She turned back to the commander ” ill be back after the service. I promise I will never give up on you” she said. She then stepped away from the commander's bed and focused on the other part of the Docter’s request. She looked over the new girl she felt bad for not paying attention to he before now.

She walked over to the new girl. She smiled at her and held out a hand. ” I'm Lily, I think the quarters next to mine is empty if you don't mind the chatter from a dance troupe.” she said. She waghted quality for the girls response. Before she started leading her out of the medbay.

” I might have a nice dress that will fit you if you would like to go to the Memorial Service” she offered it was quite boring to sit in ones quarters for hours on end. This girl seemed so afraid that she may not want to go through. But lily figured it could not hurt to invite her. ” it's ok no one will hurt you hear and if anyone does give you trouble just tell them your friends with me and they will think twice before messing with you” she said in an attempt to reassure the new girl.

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