What Now

Autumn didn’t know what her size was, thus couldn’t tell her much. She did take the offered clothes, and acknowledged the information that was given to her. When she was left to clean up, she stood there for a good bit trying to understand her new sitution.

It has been a while since she was allowed to get washed up, so of course she took her time enjoying it. She repeatedly washed herself, making sure she washed away the filth that she was forced to live in. When she saw the water go down the drain clear, she finally cut off the water and got out.

Autumn dried herself off, and put on the borrowed clothes. She then wrapped her hair up into a towel, making her look like she is wearing a turban. She took a deep breath, and returned to Lilly’s room. “I hope I am wearing this right...” She said when Lilly allowed her to enter.

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