Lily blinked and looked up at Mendez. The back to her point shoe where Mendez was trying to deal her toes. “ hold on those are point shoes you won’t be Abe to deal anything through the toe box” she said. She quickly untied the ribbons and took the shoe off being carefully not to move her ankle. She could indeed move her toes. Her feet were completely bare she did not even where toe pads with her point shoes. There was nothing wrong with her foot her ankle however was start to turn purple in some places.

“I did a number on my ankle this time dose the it, it doesn’t hurt that much it just won’t support weight I’m sure I’ll be fine in a day or two” she said with a smile. Her statement however was not even remotely true she did feel pain through she was not one to complain about it. “ I’m glad you were the only one here to see that fall this would have been way more embarrassing if there had been others here.

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