“ yes that’s correct, come on take a set her let’s see what we can do about your hair” Lily said gesturing to the chair that she had cleaned off. After Autumn sat down she carefully unwrap her hair and picked up a brush. “ you hair is so tangled will have to put it into a ponytail for now and hope no one notices. It’s going to take a long time to get these knots, time we don’t have at the moment” she said as she carefully pulled Autums hair into a ponytail. “ it’s still really pretty and you can’t really see the knots we can work on your hair some more after the memorial if your up to it” lily said with a smile.

“ come on we don’t want to be late” she said leading Autumn out into the hallways of the ship where they were greater by a strange man. Lily shook her head at the mans comments. “ actually are dance troup could use another dancer though it would be a long time before you could dance on stage if your interested, other then that don’t pay any mind to him I can show you the ropes and how everything is done onboard.” She said.

She then turned her attention to the stranger. “Who exactly are you. Iv never Sean you before” she said simply.

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