The Full Damage

((Medbay 1))

The beeping of the bio-monitor was what woke him up, Edward Kyle slowly opening his eyes. The light was gentle and the sounds of a nearly empty medbay was all that greeted him as he started to sit up.

"Commander, please lay back down," he heard a heavy accented voice say. He saw the local biopsionic appear right beside him.

"How long was I out?" he asked, still rising. Ugana simply put his hand on his chest and pushed him back down, gently. "Lieutenant, I outrank you."

"Yes, when you are healthy," the assistant said with a slight smile to his irritated look. He frowned when the XO tried again to sit up and more forcefully pushed him back to a horizontal position. "I, however, currently have the right to say you are going nowhere. Not until all tests and examinations are complete."

"I see you take after Lieutenant Mendez," Kyle said, laying down finally with a sigh.

The lieutenant smiled at that, cross-checking the data coming in with what was recorded earlier. "She is an excellent teacher, sir."

"An excellent pain in the-"

The woman appeared out of her office herself. Mendez gave him a look that could have cut glass. Kyle raised an eyebrow and raised himself on his elbows in the same move. Ugana forced him flat again, provoking an irritated sigh. The CMO came up beside her assistant, nodding as he sent data straight to her. She looked over the files before turning her full attention to the commander. "You are lucky, commander. You managed to not get us killed."

"Had you not rushed forward and followed orders-"

"Lieutenant? Dismissed," Mendez interrupted. Ugana nodded and saluted before disappearing. "Stow it, Edward. You will lose this argument."

"Think differently," Kyle replied. "I was the senior officer in charge of that away mission. My orders stand as imperative unless noted otherwise."

"Captain seems to think differently," she shot back. "As for your health..."

"We both know I am fit for duty, Lieutenant-Commander," Kyle said, reminding her of their Net implants.

"Yes," she answered though her body language was enough for him to figure she had something else to say. What she said next made him freeze. "You torched your mind when you did your stunt. Fortunately, the scorching went down a benign pathway of your brain."

He looked to her. She pursed her lips and asked, "Are you going to let me finish my tests?" He looked away. It was stupid of him to do what he did and yet he did not have any misgivings. But the serious nature of what happened made him realize just how close his mind came to snapping. He was silent before he nodded once. "I want to know the full details, Alicia," Kyle said in a low voice.

"Sir, aye aye," Mendez said, grabbing a scanner and getting to work.

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