The Ceremony (Pt 2)

((Missile Control, MNS Archangel))

"Don't thank me, Captain. It was Eva's idea. She gets sentimental like that," Hannibal said. The free trader smirked inwardly before continuing.

"Anyway, it's been my experience that there's really nothing you can say to relieve the suffering of others. They'll find their own way. All you can do is show them that you're suffering too and stand as an example," he said.

Peng nodded. It was a human solution, but not a military one. It was expected that officers would send other to their deaths while being a beacon of stability to others. But he accepted it nevertheless. The captain was well aware of the humanity in others and was never one to compromise it unless he had to. "I thank you, Captain Lecter. Your words are comforting and carry wisdom. Without your help, I believe the situation would have been worse."

He paused as he was made aware of the CO's status. He turned his gaze to Lily. "Ms. Lily, Dr. Mendez reports that Commander Kyle is conscious. I believe he will be joining us soon."

The other woman, the one that had been saved, still did not make contact and looked to be overwhelmed with the events. "Miss," he said to her in his soft voice. "I am Captain Wei, commander of this ship. I wish to extend and express my deepest condolences to you and your experiences. If you have any needs, please ask them. We will attempt to accommodate you until we make port."

From the initial reports of the boarding action, what she must have been through would have broken most men and women. The fact she survived at all was a statement on her strength. Whether or not she would recover was up to her.

"Excuse me," he said to the group. He separated from them to stand at the podium, Peng catching sight of the caskets as they were floated in on grav handles. He nodded to the officer that finished setting up the podium.

The bosun whistle sounded its shrill call, drawing attention forward. The assembled gave him his attention as he stared out among them.

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