Professional Interests

((Deck 4, CO Office, MNS Archangel))

"Of course, there is always a problem here on the frontier, sir. Why must we be the ones to fix such minor problems?"

Captain Peng sipped at his tea, setting the delicate but authentic china cup upon his desk gently. "It is a matter of course, Mr. Kyle. These colonies are often without the same benefits you and I have, as well as most of the crew."

Kyle narrowed his eyes. "Yes, most of the crew... You never did explain why you allowed a civilian to live onboard."

The door tones then, drawing the gaze of both men. With their Link, they knew it was Lily. She stood waiting patiently, unaware of their speaking of her.

"For our humanity, Mr. Kyle," the captain said to him in his quiet, soft voice. "Many of the crew are already believing in a superiority they do not have. They believe that any who live away from the center of power are such fools as to abandon the Mandate for their own laws. She is here," he finished with a glance, the Linked door opening, "because we need something to remind us. I believe that is everything, Mr. Kyle. Dismissed."

The commander straightened, saluted, and smartly turned about-face. Lily gave a hello to him, to which he nodded a "Ma'am." The door hissed shut behind him. Captain Peng looked to Lily as she came to have a seat. He sipped his somewhat warm tea now.

"Ah, Lily," he said. "May I get you some tea?"

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