The commander straightened, saluted, and smartly turned about-face. Lily gave a hello to him, to which he nodded a "Ma'am." The door hissed shut behind him. Captain Peng looked to Lily as she came to have a seat. He sipped his somewhat warm tea now.

Lily watched the XO leave she had to admit she found him fascinating.” Isn't it uncomfortable for him to move like that” she asked after the doors hissed shut behind the Xo? Then smile again, ” I'm sorry I'm late I had some free time and thought I would get a bit more practice before the next show I umm lost track of time,” she said as she walked towards the captain. She was still in her dance attire. She was quite an even when she walked; she had a sense of weightlessness to her. He toes always hit the ground first.

"Ah, Lily," he said. "May I get you some tea?"

” no thank you, how are you today Captain. Is there something you needed my help with” she asked with a sweet smile.

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