Briefing End

((Deck 5, Conference Room, MNS Archangel))

The commander withdrew his mind, chuckling silently to himself. It was somewhat refreshing to feel a mind resist him or call him out. "If nothing further, captain?"

Peng shook his head, calling the meeting to a close. Dismissed, they headed for the doors.

((Hangar Bay, MNS Archangel))

The cargo lighter was in the final moments of being prepped as Commander Kyle oversaw the workers. The Archangel was just about in position over the planet. The lack of reply from the colony was starting to become worrying, a notion that the captain obviously shared. The pulsing yellow lights of the interior corridors was the main signal for Alert, and the crew seemed to be performing well at their current condition.

The marine attachment had now just arrived, weapons checked and charged. Unlike most personnel, these marines carried void rifles, capable of disintegrating targets in mere seconds when fired. These were even strong enough to affect most vehicles as well, breaking them down at the molecular level as easily as a body. And more importantly, they were not affected by ambient particles in the air like a laser would be.

They saluted the commander, him returning the gesture. Many of the men here had more than ten years of spacer experience, with a few having taken part in some of the more costly pirate suppression campaigns of the past two decades. Commander Kyle could trust their safety.

The doors opened once more to admit the away team. With that, he turned to those assembled. "Ladies, gentlemen, are we ready?"

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