A Dangerous Game

((Deck 5, Conference Room, MNS Archangel))

Lily stayed behind after the XO left. “Captain do you know commander Kyle well? I wondered why he feels the need to read peoples minds all the time.” She said.

Captain Peng shook his head. "The reason for his mind reading, Ms. Lily, is to find dissidents among the crew. He also serves to alert me to potential problems between the crew members. Though, it seems he may be using his powers too liberally... I shall speak to him soon about this."

She bade him good night, to which he returned. The doors hissed shut behind her.

(Hangar Bay, MNS Archangel)

Lily smiled at Commander Kyle as she entered the cargo bay. Her blonde hair was in a tight and near perfect ballet bun. She was wearing a variant of the standard issue uniform. “Good morning Commander, I’m ready to go. Also, can we agree you won’t read my mind during this away mission.” She said. She was still not thrilled about the earlier invasion of privacy.

The commander stared daggers at her. "My telepathy is used in service of the Mandate. I will not deny the Mandate an asset that can save us from any treasonous thoughts. Is there something hiding in your mind, Lily? Something very-"

"Please," Mendez went, stepping alongside Lily. "A civvie posing a threat to us? You must be having delusions of grandeur, Commander. You won't be finding any in her mind, Mr. Kyle. She is from Earth, not those colonies who only pay lip service."

"And how would you know?" The XO responded. "Documents can be falsified, acquaintances bought for alibies. Only in the mind, is the truth felt. And the truth-" he began to answer.

Mendez stepped past Lily towards the commander. She raised her head slightly to speak softly in his ear. "And you know as well as me that thoughts can be structured. Stay out of my mind, stay out of hers, or I will let slip your little secret to the captain."

His eyes narrowed. "You wouldn't dare."

"Oh, I would," she said, steel sliding into her voice. Very quickly, she snagged her hand deftly into his uniform pocket to seize the stim in there. His eyes widened with anger at her audacity. "Thank you for holding onto this, commander," Mendez said loudly, stepping back. Her voice was civil but her eyes were a challenge.

Kyle contained his anger, letting slip only a small message to her. You are playing a dangerous game, Lieutenant-Commander. I would be careful.

He turned to those assembled. "Away team, to the shuttle!" He turned briskly and walked up the ramp with a stomp.

Mendez turned to Lily and winked. "Have everything you need?" she asked.

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