Fun and games

The commander stared daggers at her. "My telepathy is used in service of the Mandate. I will not deny the Mandate an asset that can save us from any treasonous thoughts. Is there something hiding in your mind, Lily? Something very-"

“ No but I think you are hiding something, are you afraid a little dancer could outsmart you” she shot back as Mendez steeped in.

"Please," Mendez went, stepping alongside Lily. "A civvie posing a threat to us? You must be having delusions of grandeur, Commander. You won't be finding any in her mind, Mr. Kyle. She is from Earth, not those colonies who only pay lip service."

Lily smiled thankful for Dr. Mendez help. It appeared that they had a lot in common. “ there is nothing wrong with someone being from the colonies, they are still citizens of the mandate same as us” she said. Lily had a tendency to try and see the good in all people.

"And how would you know?" The XO responded. "Documents can be falsified, acquaintances bought for alibies. Only in the mind, is the truth felt. And the truth-" he began to answer.

Lily nearly screamed at him. Luckily for her Dr. Mendez stepped it. Forgot playing nice with him both him and the Captain would be getting a pice of her mind. She contemplated her thoughts carefully and made her discussion well the XO and CMO talked. She would give him a good talking to on the way to the colony.

Mendez turned to Lily and winked. "Have everything you need?" she asked.

“ Yes thank you for coming to my defense. I may need your help again in a minute he is not going to get away with saying such horrible things about me” lily said. She headed into the craft and sat right next to Commander Kyle. “ Commander, I will only be nice about this once” she said coldly. He had clearly ticked her off. Thought she had no violent thoughts towards him. “ I am from earth I gave up a normal childhood to study Ballet at the royal Ballet Academy. You have to be from earth and they only six year olds and only the top ten percent of them. You know some of what I have been through.I would appreciate it if you did not say such horrible hurtful thing about me” she said simply.

She did not expect him to respond. And if he did read her mind he would ended up seeing bits of her past as she thought about it. Countless hours of training saying goodbye to parents she hardly remembered. Lily had not seen her parents again after that day as for why she did not know. It may have something to do with the fact that she was actually born on a ship not on earth. She however was a citizen of earth that was the only way she could make it into the Ballet school there.

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