Enroute With Broods And Memories

Commander Kyle and Lieutenant Commander Mendez both listened to Lily. Mendez was impressed that Lily had managed to even land in the Ballet School at an early age. Kyle, on the other hand, was not. While he felt respect come from Mendez, he simply did not think such things were that rewarding.

"Impressive," Mendez said.

Kyle simply stared at her. Why was she even here? A civilian expert or not, her temperament and experience was not suited for naval work. And both officers knew of her hardships, the doctor still going on about the dance. He however, felt what she had been through and described it as refreshing. Lily had no idea what he himself went through to be here today.

Her training was paltry compared to the rigorously draining training a psychic went through. Her dance moves and balance training was nothing compared to the torture of trying not to burn his brain out.

"Only the top ten? Mr. Kyle, we have a celebrity here!" Mendez smiled.

The XO stared at the CMO. What had happened to her? Her business look and voice was gone and did he feel a kinship between the two woman? He sighed quietly as the shuttle rocked back and forth slightly. This would not do. He needed fresh and disciplined minds for this, not two woman acting like they were on a shopping spree!

Mendez spoke to Lily while he brooded. "It has been so long since I have seen Earth. I think I was there well before you were born," she stated. "I had visited Buckingham Palace in the old British districts. If I remember, they had a dance troupe performing The Nutcracker. You mean to say you are part of that group?"

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