dance and missions

"Impressive," Mendez said.

" thank you, i think commander Kyle can under stand how programs like that can be after all he has be throw one that is much harder then mine physic training programs have quite the reputation. though is cant be very rewarding after all he almost never smiles. I wonder, commander are you still able to feel joy?" she asked with a smile.

her question had not been made to be rude or upset him. she simply wanted to know more about him. to her the seemingly unfeeling commander was a puzzle. lily"s line of work required that she know how to espressos emotion and use it to tell stores. to find and individual so close of was almost alien to her.

"Only the top ten? Mr. Kyle, we have a celebrity here!" Mendez smiled.

lily smiled and shook her head. " not relay all the dancers on bored the ship are from the same school you do remember that that is my primary rule on bored the ship i'm one of the principle dancers for the dance troupe on bored the other dancers usually keep to themselves the crew has a strange attitude towards us its like they think we are nothing more dolls that they can simply throw away until they need us" she said.

Mendez spoke to Lily while he brooded. "It has been so long since I have seen Earth. I think I was there well before you were born," she stated. "I had visited Buckingham Palace in the old British districts. If I remember, they had a dance troupe performing The Nutcracker. You mean to say you are part of that group?"

" Yes i am actually all the dancers on bored are part of that company" lily confirmed. she thought for a moment before speaking. She had a question. " doctor how is it that you and commander Kyle live so long its not usual for humans" she said. lily did enjoy learning and they still had a few moments before they landed and needed to get to work.

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