Wheeling and dealing

"Ye ur gonnae gie us throon in th' brig, sarge.." the mess hall cook told him with a worried look on his face.
"Ah come on Warren. Don't be a little pussy." Joel said rolling his eyes. "When have I ever got us in trouble?"
"Thes is different." the marine occupational specialist told. "Mince ye want is part ay th' CO's allocations. it gits checked aft."

He grinned at the line cook.
"Checked by Quartermaster Anderson. I know. I know."
"Och aye an' she suffers nae fools. She runs a techt ship." the young man told him looking around checking no one was overhearing them.
"Look, you let me worry about Anderson. She owes me a solid." 1st Sargeant Hogwood told him thinking about Anderson's long muscular legs wrapped around his waist.
"Ah dunnae kinn, sarge. Hoo much dae ye need?" the other marine asked.
Joel Hogwood pretended he was considering the question pretending he was deep in thought.
"Around 5 kilograms?" he asked innocently.
"Whit? Nae way, nae way sarge..."

Joel leaned closer towards the young marine.
"You know I have this covered Warren. Plus I have something to sweeten the deal for you." he told the younger marine and showed him two small bottles Jovian Vodka with their traditional Red Spot label.
The cook's eye widened.
"Is 'at whit Ah hink it is.?" he asked not believing his eyes.
"Io's finest crop." he said smirking. "You know I take care of my friends."

He discretely passed the bottles to the other marine.
"I know you grew up in Europa and this is the finest booze in the Jovian system. Thought you would like a taste of home."
The cook looked around before taking the bottles and hiding them under his overalls.
"Just make sure you leave it in the usual place tonight." Joel said clapping his comrade on the shoulder and walking away.

He grinned as he moved towards his quarters. He was going to make a killing. He could easily make around 3000 portions out of the 5 kilos.
He better go see Anderson tonight he thought as we swaggered down the decks.

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