((Planet Mira, Mira system))

"Yes, I am actually all the dancers on bored are part of that company" Lily confirmed. She thought for a moment before speaking. She had a question. "Doctor how is it that you and commander Kyle live so long its not usual for humans." she said.

"Anagathics, my dear," Mendez responded. "A marvel of modern medicine, though one I think is worth the penalties taken if you want to live a long life."

The shuttle gave a slight rocking motion as it finally landed just outside the main settlement. Commander Kyle stood, straightening out as he said, "We are here. Corporal!"


"See if there is any signal from the settlement yet. And notify Archangel of our arrival."

The two women began to prepare. Because it was a viral outbreak, the away team had brought hazardous environment suits. These were a slightly armored and more thicker version of a vacc suit, hardened against radiation, and above all else, gifted with an eight hour air supply. The marines had their battle dress, which was made for fighting in vacuum as well as on a dirt field. They sealed their helmets as they hefted their void carbines.

"Sir, interference is clogging the air, but I have finally managed to isolate the colony beacon. I find no comms chatter, sir," spoke the first marine.

"This colony managed to send out a distress, and yet there is no active comms..." Commander Kyle mused. "Something is definitely wrong here. Away team, be on your guard."

The ramp descended, finally. The dusty air settled to show a colony that would not look out of place in an Western holovid, with the exception that almost all of the buildings were made of modern elements of refined steel, nanofiber, and laser sealers. The air itself felt like they had stepped into the history books, hot and dry.

The marines quickly filed out of the shuttle, taking up positions in two-hundred-and-seventy degree coverage. "Pilot, return to the ship," ordered Kyle.

The pilot complied and just as quickly as they had descended, the ship ascended upwards and was gone. Mendez looked about. "Well, this isn't ominous," she stated.

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