Lily screamed and jumped merely ten feet in the air. Witch earns a few giggles from the Marines. “ It not funny” she shot back and glared at them.

She look at Dr. Mendez then to commander Kyle. She was certainly standing next to the commander and rather close. She was quite unnerved by the sight of the body. “ how are you two so calm. Anyone else feel like this is a trap” she asked.

“ perhaps we should have left the little girl on the ship” one of the Marines said. Witch only serves to aggravate Lily. “ I’m 18 not a child” she snapped.

“ you Sure scream like one” the same Marine said.

Lily glared at him. “ well how funny you think it is after I kick you but. You.. you uncivilized Neanderthal.” She said. Then turned her attention to Doctor Mendez.

“ if it is a merder then we will probably find answers and the one responsible in the direction of the reading we got” lily said. She looked around she was still standing close to Commander Kyle.

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