Small talk

"Before I consider if you need to see the Captain, I have a few questions." he started slowly.

"Very well, First Sergeant. Out with them," Hannibal replied.

"What are you doing in this star system?" he asked.

"It wasn't intentional, I can tell you that. I'm sure your ship's scanners picked up the tiny nuclear explosion at the edge of the system. Well, that was my power core. I bought this baby second hand and I've been dealing with the previous owner's lack of upkeep ever since," Hannibal explained.

"What is your purpose here and what happened to your vessel?" the First Sergeant asked.

"Well, when I realized the power core was going the way of Hiroshima, I detoured to the nearest inhabited system. But I have two MCVs onboard, and if your captain could help me make my delivery on time, it would cover all my repairs. I'd be extremely grateful, if you know what I mean," Hannibal said, leaning on a crate.

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