Pulling Together/Fire Mission

"...Investigating as we speak?" Hannibal repeated thoughtfully as he reviewed telemetry Eva was forwarding him from the All Pleasures. "As I understand it, you've got quite the little firefight on your hands. But don't you think tanks and artillery are a bit heavy hand-"

The man paused, tilting his head a bit as if hearing someone far off. Peng attributed his actions to the AI he mentioned. It was rather peculiar that one would install it into one's head. His dossier had clearances for it, itself a civilian model with a manufacturer code placing its origin at New Lithuania, well over a sector away. And so far as the file read, none of the brakes in its code were removed or changed.

He regarded him with a quizzical stare. It was odd in of itself for someone to trust an AI to be that personal. The remnants of the Code Revolt was still fresh in the Mandate's mind, new regulations well enforced and the punishment fatal in an attempt to prevent another rampant AI like Draco.

"Shut up about my sensors, Eva. Can you trace and decipher it?" Hannibal asked out loud after a minute of silence. "Hurry," he ordered. Something must have been said to him, annoyance coloring him. "Smartass," Hannibal said with a grimace. Then to Peng, "Captain, I have resources of my own that I believe you'd be interested in. Might I suggest a cooperation?"

"I am willing to hear it, captain," Peng answered.


((Colony Abraham, Mira System))

"Away team, fall back down the street!" The commander yelled. The creature still made its way forward. The away team began their retreat with the marines training their weapons on the monstrosity that was giving chase. Rounds blasted into its torso, ripping flesh in a gory tearing. It slowed more and more until it finally fell under the assault.

The gunman that had been shooting at the away team had gone quiet. Neither the executive or chief medical officer had a moment to take in what they had seen. The marines did not look like they were bothering to look at what attacked them either, sweeping their sights back and forth for more hostiles.

Mendez looked over to Lily, who stood behind Commander Kyle looking quite pale in light of the scenario. She moved a bit closer to her. "You okay?" She asked.

As Lily responded, a symphony of screams and yells began to call out around them. The marines spotted even more deformed beings moving out of buildings. "Mendez, get a scan now!" The XO all but shouted. She did not acknowledge the order but dutifully pulled her scanner out once more.

The staccato of a projectile rifle sounded off again, with the gunman suddenly falling out of his perch. Right behind him, a monster alighted into the window where it perched to look about. The man fell heavily to the ground with grunts of pains, trying to get back up and away. The thing above him, once a woman but now deformed like an improperly set clay sculpture, surveyed the away team. Some of her teeth had elongated, jutting out the "her" mouth like knives. The curl of a bony tail jutted behind the creature as she leaped. Claws flashed bone white in the sunlight as she descended upon the gunman.

Commander Kyle raised his hand. Metadimensional energies rose to catch and fling the creature back the way it came, leaving a hole in the wall where it smashed through with an aggravated scream. "Mendez! Do you have it?" He shouted.


Edward turned his attention to the civilian specialist. She had rushed forward to the man, evidently injured from his fall. "Damn her!" The commander yelled as two more monstrosities came into the street.

He saw no choice in this matter. He heard the artillery teams call on radio that they were ready. He had seen enough to guess that this colony had fallen to some maltech experiment gone horribly awry. Whether he was right or not, there seemed to be more and more.

Artillery, lock onto our position. Fire mission, danger close. Use incendiary rounds. Fire for effect!

His Net implant sent his order to the radio. Now there was nothing left to do but either die or run. There was no other choice. Mendez thought different, raising her pistol to scorch another monster in an attempt to cover Lily. She too made her way forward as the away team moved further away.

How they were going to get out of this, she did not know. It only mattered they save a life now for questions later.

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