"I am willing to hear it, Captain," Peng answered.

If he was going to get anywhere with this guy, he'd have to keep his cards close to his chest. He did a quick double check of the data before speaking.

"There's another ship in this sector and someone down on the planet is transmitting data to them. I can't identify the ship's location yet, but I have pinpointed the broadcast. And I should have it decoded within the hour," he said.


Hannibal placed a couple fingers to his temple and concentrated to respond to the AI nonverbally.

'This is our livelihood, Eva. Please,' he thought.

He could feel the AI sigh into his brain.


'Thank you,' he thought.

"If you're running low on marines, I could even pull a few Sec-bots out of storage and head down myself to check it out for you. You know, in the name of 'cooperation'," he said.

With a thought click, he sent an order to the All Pleasures to move the bots' containers to the front of the cargo hold. He'd found them in a hidden storage compartment when he bought the ship and reprogrammed them... just in case.

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