((MNS Archangel, Mira System))

"There's another ship in this sector and someone down on the planet is transmitting data to them. I can't identify the ship's location yet, but I have pinpointed the broadcast. And I should have it decoded within the hour," he said.

Captain Lecter looked annoyed as he said it, rubbing two fingers along his temple. Meanwhile, Captain Peng had the bridge sweep the ship's sensor grid around the planet. They acknowledged and proceeded with their orders.

"If you're running low on marines, I could even pull a few Sec-bots out of storage and head down myself to check it out for you. You know, in the name of 'cooperation'," Lecter said, bringing his attention back.

"Your cooperation is already had, captain. My marines are not completely drained. However, I agree on a reinforcement, " Peng said, well aware that the Neural Net was recording everything. When Archangel finally got back to port, this debriefing was going to be interesting. Particularly since the commander to the regional governor was a young man who only cared about advancement.

"Come with me to the bridge, captain," Peng said. He stood and, with a gesture, led the way to the opposite doors. They hissed open to reveal the nerve center of the ship. Peng turned about. "Communications, assist this man. Helm, prepare to bring us out of orbit."

"Sir, aye aye, sir!"

As Hannibal took to the station, he entered his code to allow a temporary access to synch his AI to the computer. An AI already had the matrix lattice to act as a synch point for the Neural Net, essentially functioning as a Link. There were physical controls, which Peng had made his crew use a combination of both, but those were merely emergency controls in the event that no Net Link can be found or something happen to the computer core.

Captain Peng took to his chair. If there was a ship hiding in system, then there were only a few hiding places they could be. There was always polar orbit, hiding amongst the flux of the poles' magnetic field. Then there was Mira V and its numerous moons. A dozen of the moons were just within line of sight to the planet.

The transmission itself was most likely by radio, if Lecter picked it up. Laser and metadimensional comms could not be intercepted unless they were in the exact spot or in the beam's path. Since the captain knew of the transmission, it knocked those two off the table.

Peng was aware that the Implosion Field Projector was still armed. Their only true weapon against vessels, the IFP was somewhat imprecise in its aiming. He trusted his officers and their aim. So far, nothing had made him think otherwise.

Time ticked by, the situation on the ground growing worse. The artillery team was opening fire at the behest of Commander Kyle, it seemed. He certainly hoped that he and the away team had cleared out of the danger zone.

"Sir, transmission..." Peng turned to communications. "Transmission located!"

"Well done, commander, Captain Lecter. Helmsman, do you have the coordinates?" The captain responded, turning back to the front.

"Awaiting Mr. Lecter's final algorithm."

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