Health Concern And Relaxation

OOC: Apologies, it was supposed to be a check up, not a physical. Anywho...

((Cargo 3, MNS Archangel

Mendez said to Lily, "Mandate orders, ma'am. Trust me, I have had more than a headache for the past week with them."

"No, I'll turn that music off so you can focus on your music. I can dance to any music” she said with a sweet smile.

The CMO nodded and sat down in a nearby chair. She thought for a few moments as her fingers found the holes. For the past forty years, she had heard numerous ditties and songs, even some old "wet-navy" shanties. But if Lily was going to dance, none of the immediate songs was appropriate.

Licking her lips, she placed the ocarina and blew a test of notes before settling in. Her fingers lifted with ease and practice as the sound of the ocarina soothingly filled the room. Mendez watched as the civilian began to dance, professional and graceful in her pose and turns. She picked up her speed almost in time with the notes, as the song wound itself into a faster tempo.

It was quite impressive to see how lithe she was in her performance.

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