...All Hell Breaks Loose

( OOC: Couldn't think how your backstory would work with us in this scenario unless you were already a slave onboard the ship, Writinggirl01. Let me know if changes are needed!

((MNS Archangel, Mira III))

He watched through the eyes of his marines and agreed with Hannibal Lecter's decision to fall back.

"Peng! Get your people back onboard! The gods damned ship's infested! I'm unhooking tube B. We'll hold out as long as we can at tube A."

"Sir, multiple lifeforms are attempting to breach Tube B," responded the security officer.

"Prepare to repel boarders," the captain responded. "Captain Lecter, we are disconnecting your tube in one minute. Anyone left behind will be left behind. Evacuate the prisoners as best you can, I am sending reinforcement to your position," he spoke through the comm, even as the marines acknowledged his orders and pushed hard for the docking tube.

"Helm, prepare to disengage from the enemy vessel. Tactical, target the primary reactor. I want that ship destroyed," he ordered, turning back to the holoscreen.

"Sir, aye aye, sir!"


Private First Class Evan Jenkins was nearly knocked over by the civvie captain as he barreled into him and his squad. "Run!" he yelled at them. The look upon his face was enough for Jenkins to turn and join him. His squad lead drew breath to bellow at him, instead sprouting blood from his neck as talon claws ripped his head off in a single, savage stroke. The rest of the squad decided that the chain of command and order were not needed as they wisely turned and sprinted after him.

Monstrosities straight out of their worst nightmares roared in the cargo bay, slamming crates and lab equipment aside as they tried for the tasty humans. Jenkins was almost out of there when he heard a female scream. Whipping around, battle dress thankfully catching his bowel movements, he saw one of the creatures tear at a heavy metal container. The claws gouged out holes as the scream sounded again.

He thought about just leaving whoever was in there. After all, maltech creatures were handily dispatching the crab-like SecBots. Even though his combat field armor was top of the line, it couldn't stand a chance against those monsters. With a fearful scream, he raised his void carbine and unleashed several three-round bursts into the creature. It stumbled back as he, without knowing what drove him to do so, raced to the container. He shot the electronic lock off and heaved the container open to a flurry of fists and screams.

A dirty, clearly malnourished girl with matted hair and a smell that indicated she had to wallow in her filth tried to strike at him. Human flesh pounded upon his breastplate to no effect.

"Listen, LISTEN!" he all but yelled, voice cracking. "Come with me if you want to live!"

He didn't wait for a response, instead grabbing her and pulling her to the closing doors. He swore he felt the breath of the creature as it came back.

"Run! RUN!"

He saw Captain Lecter and two squads arrayed in the docking tube with their weapons aimed squarely the way he came. The door did not close fast enough behind him though, for he felt the rip and sudden flare of indescribable pain punch through his back and through his chest. With belated shock, he looked to the claws that had pierced him. "...run," he managed to croak before he blissfully died. The creature sunk its second claw into him and ripped him cleanly in half, tossing the marine behind to the other two.

"Weapons tight! Fire!" Came the order from the marines.

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