Purgatory and then...HELL

(OOC: I can work with this scenario, Thaen93. No need to change anything!)

Autumn had no idea how long she was truly locked up in her “quarters”, only that they would come for her when they want her. Her master had gotten bored of her, and decided to make a ship load of credit by selling her to these people. When she arrived, she had no idea why they would have paid all those credits for her.

But just after a few days aboard her new home, she found out the deep, dark truth about why she was there. She was sold to a maltech experiment, that would turn her into something like the others that were in her situation. While she waited for her undeniable turn in the chambers, she was fed something close to bread and water once a day. She had no privilege of using a washroom, or new clothing. She guessed that she had been there about two weeks, living in her fearful, filthy state.

Autumn heard firearms going off in the distance, and wondered what was going on. The scientists that were assigned to monitor and care for the human subjects were stationed in her sector. She heard them decide to count down a timer to release those they had experimented upon, and then evacuated the ship. She had seen the creatures that were once human, and knew that they most likely would kill and destroy anything in their path.

A few minutes later, she began to hear scrapping at her locked door. She began screaming for someone or anything to come and save her, but she doubted that anyone would care enough to come for her. She was a nobody, and the rest of the section of the ship she was in was empty. She was the only human left to defend herself.

Next thing Autumn knew, was that she heard three rounds and the scrapping at the door stopped. She then heard something destroy the lock, and she had no way of knowing of what was going to come through that door. So when it opened, she had decided to fight off whatever it was and hoped it didn’t get her kill in the process. She was completely surprised by a man attempting to calm her down quickly, and urging her to go with him if she wanted to stay alive.

She took a quick look around to see which direction was the safest, and decided to follow the other soldiers as they went through a door. She heard a creature chase them as they ran, knowing that the soldier that let her out was right behind her. She made it inside the door, and then things happened all at once.

The first thing Autumn noticed was that there was a whole bunch of weapons pointed in her direction, and she figured it was something behind them that warranted the reaction. The second thing that happened to her was that she felt something warm, wet, and sticky hit her back. Not once, but twice. She glanced behind her to see what it was, stood still at the sight before her. The soldier that hat let her out had been impaled through his chest, before he was torn in half. The last thing he said was for her to run. The final thing she saw was that the creature which just killed the soldier, was now lunging for her as its next victim.

Before she knew what was happening, she was shoved out of the way and ended up flat on the floor with a much heavier body covering her. Then the room was lit up with firearms discharging over her head...

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