Clearing the tube

Hannibal watched as marines from the boarding party hauled ass to get back across the boarding tube. Any moment now, the monsters who'd so easily layed waste to his SecBots would come howling down the tube. He tightened his grip on the trigger of his laz pistola.

Any... moment...

Then another marine, with a prisoner- a truly filthy girl -in tow came running down the tube.

Shit! He'd almost fired. Then a bioware beast, propelled by monstrously built legs, launched itself down the tube. It easily dispatched the marine, who despite a mortal injury, shoved the girl onward while screaming for her to run. But she hesitated. Stupid wench! As she finally turned to run, Hannibal found himself shaving a marine out of his way and barreling down the tube toward her.

"Gods damn it, girl! Get down!" he hollered at her.

He snatched the girl by her matted hair and threw her to the ground, landing a knee into the center of her back to keep her there. Then he fired his laz pistola at the creature.

At point blank range, even heavy body armor can't stand up to that much hot laz. The entire tube lit up bright red as the bolt arked through the monster and out the other side. The weapon's cylinder rotated and spit out an empty casing; the remnant of the physical portion of its two-part ammunition. The monster fell over, a steaming pile of twitching limbs. He hurriedly dragged the girl the rest of the way across the tube. Marines fired over his head as he did so.

On the other side, he could hear weapons firing. There were still marines trapped over there. But they were doomed as someone sealed the hatch, saving the Archangel but condemning them to a horrific death.

A second or two later, Eva reported to him, BOARDING TUBES RETRACTED. VESSEL DEPARTING.

Hannibal spit. "I need a drink."

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